Maura’s road trip

Maura’s road trip

Have you ever gone on a long trip in the car? If you have, you’ve been on a road trip! This summer, Maura is going on a road trip across Canada and the United States. In this episode, Harp interviews Maura about the upcoming trip. Listen to find out where Maura plans to go and what she plans to do. And remember, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.

Maura Harp

Harp: Today, I’m going to interview someone.
Maura: Who are you going to interview, Harp?
Harp: I’m going to interview you! Yes, I’m going to interview you, Maura, because you’re about to start a big road trip.
Maura: Yes, and I’m so excited. This summer, I’ve planned to go on a really big road trip, about 3 of 4 weeks, across the United States and then back to Montreal through Canada.
Harp: Wow! So you’re driving across the country, basically?
Maura: Pretty much, right. Our trip is starting in Montreal, of course, where Culips broadcasts from, and that is located kind of in the centre, but more eastern side of Canada. And then visit my family. And I’m from Kitchener, Ontario, which is not very far from Toronto. After that we’re going to drive down into the United States, west. And then we’re going to come back up into Canada, into Alberta and the Rocky Mountains, which is really our destination. Spend some time there, and then drive back to Montreal, through Canada.
Harp: That sounds like a really long trip and a lot of driving.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

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It’s not about the destination Any day
The Rocky Mountains A short cut
The Windy City Yogi Bear
A bed and breakfast To fly by the seat of your pants
Bootlegging The Prairies
A back-up plan The pronunciation of route
A cat sitter Bon voyage

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Image: Global Road Trips

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