Try not to step on anyone’s toes

She has a bun in the oven

Most people don’t like to be bothered or to disturb other people, but sometimes we do it anyway. In this episode, we look at expressions describing when someone is disturbed by another person. It could be something said or done that upsets this person, and it could be intentional or unintentional. We don’t want to ruffle any feathers with this episode, but these are good expressions to know.

Maura Harp

Maura: If you imagine an animal that is in a cage, so they have bars around them, they’re trapped inside. If you come around and start shaking the cage and banging on it, that bothers the animal inside. They don’t like the noise and they don’t like to feel disturbed.
Harp: Exactly. If you think about a little bunny or a hamster in the cage and you shake the cage, you’re gonna bother the animal.
Maura: Right. It makes noise and it moves around. It’s the same idea, except this time you’re bothering a person. So, in other words, you’re rattling someone’s cage.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

To rattle someone’s cage To snap
To be up to someone To start from square one
Constructive criticism To be off base
To ruffle someone’s feathers To step on someone’s toes
To get over something Touchy
To stand out

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Image: Smart Sayings for Today

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