Chatterbox #84 – Take it easy

From time to time, we all need to take a break and relax. Sitting back and listening to a podcast might even be the way that some of you choose to relax. In this episode, Maura and Harp talk about taking it easy and just chillin. This could mean doing something as simple as vegging out after a long day at work, or taking a vacation for some serious R&R. Get comfortable, put your feet up, and listen to this one!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To sit back
  • To snap out of it
  • To chill
  • To hang out
  • To take it easy
  • To put your feet up
  • R&R
  • To be a fan of something
  • To veg out
  • To be in the middle of something
  • A spa
  • To feel zoned out
  • To spring up
  • A staycation
  • A nap
  • To trickle down

Sample transcript:

Maura: So today we are going to do a Chatterbox episode. And that is where Harp and I chat. We chat about all different kinds of topics of interest, sometimes we interview people. But today we are going to talk about…

Harp: Relaxing!

Maura: Ah. Just saying the word makes me want to sit back in my chair and put my hands behind my head.

Harp: Maura, snap out of it. We’ve got work to do here.

Maura: So today we’re gonna talk about relaxing and what people do in their free time, when they’re not working.

Harp: Yep. So we’re gonna start with talking about some vocabulary that we use when we’re talking about relaxing and when we talk about free time.

Maura: And then we’re going to also share with you what people do in Canada when they’re relaxing, and specifically what Harp and I like to do in our free time.

Harp: Exactly. Then we’re gonna talk about the ultimate relaxation: when you go on a vacation.

Maura: That is definitely a time to relax.

Harp: Yep. So let’s get started. Let’s talk about some vocabulary related to relaxing.

Maura: You know, all of the vocabulary that we use to talk about relaxing is really relaxed. I just feel relaxed saying the words.

Harp: Yeah, I agree.

Maura: So one of the first ones is to chill, or chilling.

Harp: Yep. So to chill is when you relax, when you’re not doing anything special or important. You’re just doin’ nothin’, usually.

Maura: Yeah. You’re just chillin’. And that’s something that’s interesting to note, too, is because this word is so relaxing, often people don’t even say the g on the end. They just say, “I’m chillin’.” Harp: Exactly.

Maura: So it’s a word that is most often used by people who are a bit younger, but really, anybody can chill.

Harp: Yeah, exactly. You could chill on the weekend or in the evening.

Maura: Yeah. Oh, I like chillin’.

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