Catch Word #122 – We’re just shooting the breeze

Every once in a while people have unimportant, yet fun, conversations. Sometimes it’s nice to talk with a friend about nothing really important. We must do it often in English, because we’ve got a ton of expressions for it! Listen to Harp and Maura explain and give examples in this episode. They’re not just gabbing!


Expressions included in the learning materialschitchat

  • To shoot the breeze
  • To have to do with something
  • Same old
  • As chatty as ever
  • To overhear something or someone
  • To chitchat
  • To depend on/to depend
  • To chew the fat
  • To gab & to yak
  • To be in a rush

Sample transcript:

Harp: Today we’re here with a Catch Word podcast. And that’s where we look at some expressions, we explain them, we give you examples.

Maura: Right. So today, for this Catch Word episode, we’re going to talk about expressions that mean to talk or chat about nothing really important. You know, sometimes we have very important conversations and serious discussions and sometimes we talk to people about whatever, about nothing really important.

Harp: Yeah. Sometimes you just chat. Sometimes you’re just having a good time not talking about anything serious or important.

Maura: So, all the expressions in today’s episode mean to chat, or to talk, about nothing important.

Harp: Yeah. So we’re gonna look at three different expressions that are about talking about something that’s not very important.

Maura: The first expression in this episode is to shoot the breeze.

Harp: To shoot the breeze.

Maura: Right. To shoot the breeze means to talk about stuff that isn’t really important.

Harp: Exactly. It’s when you’re talking to someone and it’s not a substantial conversation. You’re not talking about world politics, you’re just talking about something kinda simple, fun, nothing important.

Maura: So, Harp, what kinds of topics do you think are not that important? What kinda stuff?

Harp: That’s an interesting question because it depends on who the person is. But if I’m telling you about how I went shopping and I bought some new clothes and a little story about when I was shopping, it’s nothing too important, it’s…

Maura: Right. Or maybe you’re telling a friend about what you had for lunch today or a delicious cake that you made last night; just some little story about your life that doesn’t affect anyone, really.

Harp: Yeah. When you shoot the breeze, it means you’re just having a simple conversation about something that’s not very important.

Maura: Right. And the origin of this expression is really interesting.

Harp: Yeah. I thought it was really interesting as well.

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