We’re just shooting the breeze

btn_lipservice.gifWe’re just shooting the breeze

Every once in a while people have unimportant, yet fun, conversations. Sometimes it’s nice to talk with a friend about nothing really important. We must do it often in English, because we’ve got a ton of expressions for it! Listen to Harp and Maura explain and give examples in this episode. They’re not just gabbing!

Maura Harp

Maura: Right. To shoot the breeze means to talk about stuff that isn’t really important.
Harp: Exactly. It’s when you’re talking to someone and it’s not a substantial conversation. You’re not talking about world politics, you’re just talking about something kinda simple, fun, nothing important.
Maura: So, Harp, what kinds of topics do you think are not that important? What kinda stuff?
Harp: That’s an interesting question because it depends on who the person is. But if I’m telling you about how I went shopping and I bought some new clothes and a little story about when I was shopping, it’s nothing too important, it’s…
Maura: Right. Or maybe you’re telling a friend about what you had for lunch today or a delicious cake that you made last night; just some little story about your life that doesn’t affect anyone, really.
Harp: Yeah. When you shoot the breeze, it means you’re just having a simple conversation about something that’s not very important.
Maura: Right. And the origin of this expression is really interesting.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

To shoot the breeze To have to do with something
Same old As chatty as ever
To overhear something or someone To chitchat
To depend on/to depend To chew the fat
To gab & to yak To be in a rush
Verbal diarrhea

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Image: ©Glossy Icons

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