Chatterbox #86 – Hobbies

Here’s another episode based on a great episode idea from a Culips listener! Outside of work or school, hopefully you have some free time just for yourself. In this episode, Maura and Harp discuss hobbies, what hobbies are popular in Canada and the US, and their own hobbies, past and present. Does it really sound natural to ask someone directly, “What are your hobbies?” We’ll answer that question for you too!


Expressions included in the learning materialshobbies

  • Free time, spare time, a pastime
  • An artist
  • Out there
  • Knitting, scrapbooking, and cross-stitching
  • The metro
  • To go through a phase
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • To stick with someone
  • To take something up
  • To suck at something
  • To throw in the towel
  • Ballet
  • To have two left feet

Sample transcript:

Harp: Yeah. Thanks Igor from Brazil! We’re doing an episode today about hobbies.

Maura: Yes. So, it was thanks to you, our listeners, for giving us a great idea. You can keep sending your ideas to us on Facebook.

Harp: Definitely. So today, we’re gonna break it down. We’re gonna start with talking about common hobbies in North America, then we’re gonna talk about how to talk about hobbies.

Maura: And then we’re gonna share some of our own hobbies, past and present.

Harp: Yes. So let’s get started.

Maura: Common hobbies in North America today. Hmm.

Harp: Hmm.

Maura: Well, people like to spend their free time in so many different ways that it’s almost hard to say specifically what people do.

Harp: Yup. Definitely. It’s hard because people have so many different interests and I would say that one common hobby is sports.

Maura: Yes. A lot of people like to be physically active in their spare time. So they might play a sport or they might go to the gym and exercise. For them, it might be like a kind of hobby.

Harp: Definitely. And obviously, in Canada, a lot of people love hockey. So hockey is a common… a common hobby to have, to play hockey. And a lot of people I know play street hockey or field hockey or ice hockey.

Maura: Right. And even though they might be part of a team, it’s not really competitive. It’s just a bunch of friends who get together and play for fun. So in that way, the sport is more like a hobby.

Harp: Exactly.

Maura: Other people are more laid back and chill and they might like quieter things. A really traditional, but popular, hobby is reading.

Harp: Yes. And if you listen to Culips, you know that Maura and I both love reading. It’s a really common hobby here in North America.

Maura: And now with the Internet, there’s so much more to read. You can read the news or you can read blogs. Or even on Facebook, really, you’re reading.

Harp: Exactly. Another hobby that many people have is playing some sort of instrument or really just enjoying music.

Maura: Yes. A lot of people, if they can’t play music, love to listen to it. Or, again, they can go online and find new music. That’s one thing the Internet has brought us, is a way to discover new music.

Harp: Yes, definitely. You can find so many different artists from all around the world on the Internet.

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