Interview with a Brit living in Canada: Helen

btn_lipservice.gifInterview with a Brit living in Canada: Helen

Helen is an old friend to us at Culips, and we’ve finally recorded an interview with her for you. She’s British, but has been living in Canada for some time now, so in this episode, we talk about England and Canada, and get her opinion on both! You’ll find out how she ended up here and why she’s never left. (And if you’d like to hear another type of English accent, this episode’s for you.)

Maura Harp

Maura: What is your current status? Are you a Canadian citizen yet, or what?
Helen: I’m a permanent resident and I just applied for my citizenship. If I get it, it should be in the next couple of months and you have to sing the national anthem in French and pass a little test about the history of Canada, so that’s going to be fun.
Maura: Is it any easier, being a citizen of England or the Commonwealth, to become a Canadian citizen? Because I hear stories from other people, from other countries, who have to go through a really long process and fill out all this paperwork.
Helen: I think, like anywhere else in the world, it depends where you’re from. France and England definitely have an advantage: French for Quebec and England for Canada. I have some Mexican friends and Argentinian friends and things like that, who’ve had a hard time integrating so easily. But I think yeah, we’re pretty lucky in Europe that we can move here pretty easily.

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