We all mess up sometimes


Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and this episode is all about expressions to talk about them. Some mistakes are small and minor, and others are really big. And sometimes we make embarrassing mistakes in front of other people—the worst kind or mistakes! But you shouldn’t make a mistake with these expressions once you’ve listened to this episode. So go ahead, check it out.

Maura Harp

Harp: So today we’re going to talk about some expressions when you make a mistake.
Maura: Right. We can use these expressions to talk about when people have not done something well, when they’ve made a mistake or done something wrong.
Harp: Yeah. And all of the expressions are a little bit different, but they’re all related to making mistakes.
Maura: Right. So let’s start with the first one. The first expression that we’re going to look at is to mess up.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

There’s no end in sight To mess up/to screw up
And I mean… To say the least
To give it time To get over something
To draw a blank To butcher something
Renos To learn your lesson
To choke To strike out

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Image courtesy of Search engine journal

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