Party time


Parties can be thrown at any time of the year in North America, but they are especially common over the holidays. At this time of the year, there are all kinds of gatherings with family, friends, and colleagues. In this episode, Harp and Maura talk about the different kinds of parties you might be invited to. Harp also talks about planning parties and about all the details you may need to consider. The girls also talk about a bunch of expressions with the word party in them. People love to party, so there are many expression about it!

Maura Harp

Maura: My family always gets together around Christmas and most of my family gets together for other holidays too, like Thanksgiving and Easter.
Harp: Yeah. Same thing for my family We have a lot of parties during the holidays.
Maura: Oh, really. Usually, my mom and my dad’s families, they just have one big party with everyone who’s invited.
Harp: Yeah. I see a lot of people doing that.
Maura: Yeah. It makes sense because everyone is together. Everyone gets to see each other at the same time.
Harp: The holiday season, it’s a nice time. It’s a nice excuse to see each other when you’re so busy the rest of the year with your own lives and work and all of that.
Maura: A lot of the time, I actually don’t see much of my extended family except for the holidays.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

A holiday party Extended family
A potluck A Secret Santa
A housewarming party Finger food
To take the pressure off Decorations and décor
A tasting To throw a party
To crash a party To be the life of the party
To break the ice To party hard
A party pooper

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo Cherry Pop Studio

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