Chatterbox #93 – An interview with Maura

You’ve already heard our interview with Harp, now here’s the interview with Maura! How much do you know about Maura already? Do you know which countries she visited when she travelled around Europe? Do you know in which country she taught English? Set the record straight and check out this episode to get to know more about your other Culips host.


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Oktoberfest
  • A Mennonite
  • A stint
  • To end up somewhere
  • A safe bet
  • To not be far off
  • To get into something
  • To push someone
  • To look into something
  • To kill two birds with one stone
  • To use one’s time wisely

Sample transcript

Harp: Yes. Today I’m interviewing Maura. Last week, she interviewed me. We think this is a good idea for all of you to learn a little bit more about us, especially because there are a lot of new listeners who might not know lots about us.

Maura: Right. It might be a New Year’s resolution to start listening to an English podcast, and you might just have tuned in. So now is your chance to get to know Harp and me a little bit more.

Harp: Yes. So let’s get started. Now, Maura, why don’t you tell us a little bit more about you. Where did you grow up?

Maura: Well, I was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. And my parents and even my grandparents were born in Canada, which is actually pretty rare. And I lived there most of my life, until I went to university. Then I moved to a city called Guelph and I went to university there. After that, I travelled around a whole bunch, and then I ended up in Montreal.

Harp: Sounds exciting. Now, tell me about Kitchener because I’ve never been there. I know it’s close to Toronto, but was it fun growing up there?

Maura: It was fun. I mean, of course I had lots of friends but it was very suburban. And usually I answer this question by something that I read in a travel guide once. One of my friends, who was Australian, had a travel guide to Canada and I was curious and I looked up Kitchener in the travel guide. And the advice actually was that unless it was Oktoberfest, Kitchener wasn’t a place worth visiting. And it’s a bit sad and funny, but it’s true. Kitchener used to be called Berlin and it has—still has—a lot of German people. And so in the month of October, we have a really big Oktoberfest. It’s the second biggest Oktoberfest, next to the one in Germany, so it’s a pretty big deal. We also have something that’s interesting outside of Kitchener. We have lots of cute little small towns. And we also have a really famous market called the St. Jacobs Market. What’s really cool about this market is there are a lot of Mennonites who sell food and clothes and crafts at this market. And so outside of Kitchener, you can see Mennonites. They’re a rare group of people to see and it’s interesting to see these kinds of people.

Harp: Very interesting. I had no idea the Oktoberfest was that big. We should go one time.

Maura: Yeah. We should. It’s pretty fun.

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