Chatterbox #95 – Interviewing Pamela

Recently our friend Pam visited us at Culips, so we took the opportunity to interview her. Pam grew up mostly in Montreal, with a short stay in Saudi Arabia as a child. She speaks English, French, and German, and is currently doing her master’s degree. In this interview, Maura asks Pam about all these experiences and more! Listen in if you’re interested in learning languages and travelling. We know you are!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • My dear friend
  • A master’s (degree)
  • Winter biking
  • A compound
  • Flora
  • Squash
  • That does sound really cool
  • Musta
  • To leave an impression on someone
  • A tease
  • Concordia University and the Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Copyright: Audio/Study Guide: Culips

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