The Valentine’s Day special

btn_lipservice.gifThe Valentine’s Day special

Valentine’s Day happens every year on February the 14th. And love is in the air! Or is it? In this episode, Harp and Maura talk about Valentine’s Day and all the traditions and debates that go with it. Some people love Valentine’s Day and others dread it. Some people believe in love at first sight and others are more practical. Are you seeing someone exclusively or are you playing the field? No matter how you feel about the day of love, you’ll enjoy listening to this episode!

Maura: Often, the world of dating is referred to as the game because some people treat it like a game. How many people can they date, or if they can find the right person, or playing hard to get, or chasing someone. There is a lot of strategy involved when you’re dating someone.
Harp: Yeah. That makes me think of the expression hate the game not the player.
Maura: Right. It’s not the player’s fault that they are lying to people and being dishonest; it is the game of dating that makes them that way. I don’t know if I believe it.
Harp: Me neither.
Maura: But anyways, you can see the connection between the game and the player. The person who is the player is just playing the game of dating. Or so they believe.
Harp: Yeah. And like I said, it’s a really negative term. It’s not something you want to be called.
Maura: This term is usually used to talk about guys, maybe sometimes I’ve heard it refer to females, but most of the time when you’re talking about a player, you’re talking about a male.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

To drop someone a line Meant to be
To not give a hoot Hallmark
Old and crotchety To play the field
A player A man-eater
A serial monogamist Diehard
The stars align To buy something
Love at first sight A whole whack of something

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo ©Culips

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