Sleep on it!

btn_lipservice.gifSleep on it!

Making decisions can be hard, especially making big, important decisions. In most cases, it’s best to take some time to think about a big decision. This episode focuses on expressions that talk about taking time to think about something. It could be anything from whether to buy a new car to how to solve a problem at work. Whatever you do, make sure you take the time to mull it over a little bit. But there’s no need to think over whether you want to listen to this episode. That’s easy—do it!

Harp: Oftentimes it’s really good to sleep on it, to take that extra time to calm down, to think rationally, to think about the decision you want to make.
Maura: Right. Especially if it’s a big decision, you don’t want to be too hasty. You want to take the time to think about it. And sometimes if you’ve had some sleep, you wake up the next morning and you do have a different perspective. The morning after something happens, you can have a different perspective on a situation.
Harp: Yeah. Giving yourself some time and some room to think about it.
Maura: You know, some people also believe that while you’re sleeping, your mind is still working and you’re still thinking about it. You’re working it out in your dreams or your subconscious is figuring it out. And then in the morning, you feel better about what you’re going to do.
Harp: Yeah. I think that’s true.
Maura: I like to sleep on it if I have a big thing to worry about.
Harp: Me too.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

To sleep on it So, you know… (at the end of a sentence)
To go through with something To mull something over
To be a matter of time To learn the ropes
To mess up To think it over
A cat person I’m telling you
The way to go Off and on
To conk out

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo ©Culips

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