Media, advertising, and celebrity gossip

btn_lipservice.gifMedia, advertising, and celebrity gossip

Nowadays, people are constantly in contact with media, and advertising is everywhere! This inspired us to make a Culips episode talking all about it. Do you still read the newspaper? Do commercials bother you as much as they bother Maura and Harp? Celebrity gossip is something that has become quite mainstream in Canada and the US. Are you hoping for your own 15 minutes of fame? Check out this episode, and listen to the newest form of radio—the podcast!

Maura: Sometimes we have news sources on the Internet that are not available in hard copy, that you can’t get a hard newspaper version of. You can only read it on a website.
Harp: Yeah. A popular one that I’m thinking of is The Huffington Post.
Maura: Right. This one was created online, it never existed before, and you can’t buy a copy of it at a convenience store. So if you wanna read from The Huffington Post, you have to go online.
Harp: It’s funny though, because it has a very traditional-sounding name, The Huffington Post. When I think of something that has post in it, I think of an actual newspaper, but it’s only ever been online.
Maura: That’s a really good point. So maybe it’s trying to bridge the gap between a traditional newspaper and a new source of news online.
Harp: Yeah. I think it is.
Maura: Now there’s one more kind of media that I thought to mention, and this one is really fading and not popular like it used to be.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

Mainstream To cover (a news story)
A hard copy To bridge the gap
To die out An advertisement/a commercial
Catchy Way back when
To hound someone Spin
Public relations 15 minutes of fame
There’s no such thing as bad publicity A medium and media

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast

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