Catch Word #131 – Slowpoke

Some people like to move slowly and never rush, and we’ve got special names for these people. This episode focuses on the funny little names that we use to talk about this kind of person. Do you have a slowpoke in your life? Or are you a lollygagger yourself? Don’t be a dawdler—hurry up and listen to this episode!


Expressions included in the Learning Materials:slowpoke

  • To be up to something
  • To get down to business
  • A slowpoke
  • To bug someone
  • To be in work mode
  • The upside
  • To take your time
  • To take time to smell the roses
  • What can you do?
  • To dillydally
  • A dawdler To go from point
  • A to point B
  • To have a look
  • A lollygagger

Sample transcript:

Maura: And today we’re going to look at slang names for people who are slow, or who generally waste time.

Harp: Yeah. We have a couple of slang names for when people are walking slowly or they’re just kinda taking a lot of time to do something.

Maura: Right. They’re not getting down to business. They’re not doing what they need to do. And you know what? I’m really excited about this episode because these slang terms we’re gonna look at are so funny. They’re such funny words. I like to say them.

Harp: Yeah. They are. They’re fun words. So, Maura, I think it’s time to get down to business and get started.

Maura: All right. So the first slang expression today is a slowpoke.

Harp: A slowpoke.

Maura: A slowpoke.

Harp: So a slowpoke is used to describe a person who moves slowly. Usually they walk slowly, they do things slowly.

Maura: A slowpoke doesn’t move fast, they move slowly. It even has the word slow in it.

Harp: Yeah. It’s slowpoke.

Maura: Right. So a slowpoke is someone who does things slowly. Like you said, Harp, it could be walking or it could be that they complete work slowly. It could be anything. They’re not fast. They don’t do things quickly.

Harp: Yeah. They’re walking really slowly. They’re taking their time. They’re a slowpoke.

Maura: Yeah. You know, I’m usually not a slowpoke, and when I really want to get somewhere, slowpokes kind of bug me a little bit. It’s like, “Hurry up! Let’s go! Come on!”

Harp: I know. It’s funny because I work downtown and often, on the main streets, so many people are slowpokes. And it’s because they’re on vacation, they’re taking it easy, while I’m in work mode and I’m trying to get somewhere really quickly and they’re just slowpokes.

Maura: Yeah. But at the same time, slowpokes are normally laid back, they’re not stressed, they’re not in a rush. So I guess that’s the upside to being a slowpoke.

Harp: Yeah. Should we give some examples with this slang expression?

Maura: Yeah. Let’s do it.

Maura: So how was your visit to your parents’ place?

Harp: It was really fun. We had a really nice dinner and we went to the mall. But you know, the thing I forget when I’m not at home is that my mom is such a slowpoke.

Maura: Oh, really?

Harp: Yeah. We went to the mall and she just walks so slowly. She’s always walking behind us.

Maura: Yeah. She likes to take her time, I guess.

Harp: Yeah. She’s taking time to smell the roses.

Maura: So there is an example of somebody who was a slowpoke, and in this case, it was someone’s mother who was slow. And this is often what happens when there’s a slowpoke around: they delay something from happening. So if you’re all going to go somewhere, you’re late because of the slowpoke.


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