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In this episode, we talk about personality! Harp and Maura start by talking about introverts and extroverts, and the positive and negative qualities of both. They also discuss astrological signs. Do you think that when someone is born can determine their personality? Can a person’s personality change over their lifetime? Listen to this episode to hear what Harp and Maura have to say about it.

Harp: If we talk about extroverted people, they’re very outgoing. They’re usually telling jokes or stories, and people are listening to them. They really like being the centre of attention. They like other people’s attention to be on them.
Maura: Yeah. These kinds of people are the life of the party. They’re friendly. They don’t feel shy about striking up conversation with a complete stranger.
Harp: Sometimes they can come off as a little bit of a show-off, ’cause they always want to talk about themselves and their stories.
Maura: Yeah. There are really pros and cons to both of these personality types. If you’re extroverted, you’re very friendly, but you can also seem, maybe, loud- mouthed or arrogant. And introverted people are thought to be more intellectual, but you could also seem, maybe, rude because you’re quiet all the time, or people might think you’re a hermit because you stay in and don’t go out very much.
Harp: Yeah. And oftentimes, with introverted people, you might think they’re cold because they don’t show their feelings as much.
Maura: Yeah. That’s true. But I think you really hit the nail on the head earlier, Harp, when you said that some people can be introverted and extroverted in different situations. It’s not so fixed to say that one person is always introverted and one person is always extroverted.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

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To strike up a conversation To come off as something
A hermit To hit the nail on the head
The Myers-Briggs personality test Technically
Zodiac signs, astrology, and horoscopes Blood type
It goes to show Like
It’s not an exact science To come out of your shell

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