Catch Word #134 – Let’s put it on the shelf for now

Sometimes we don’t want to discuss something right now. We want to discuss it later instead, because it is not immediately important. In this case, we can put something on the shelf and talk about it again in the future. This week’s episode is about putting those kinds of things on the shelf. You don’t want to forget about something completely, but it just doesn’t have priority. Don’t put listening to this episode on the shelf! Listen and start using the expressions right away.


Expressions included in the learning materialsshelf

  • To do your own thing
  • To put something on the shelf
  • A secretary
  • To deal with something
  • Funny story
  • To find common ground
  • Extra hands
  • To put something on the back burner
  • A lemon
  • To put something on ice
  • A city councillor
  • A time frame

Sample transcript

Maura:            That’s right. So Harp, how are you doin’ today?

Harp:              I’m pretty good. I’m a little bit tired.

Maura:            Oh yeah, why is that?

Harp:              I went to bed a little bit late because I went to Toronto this weekend and my train got back late.

Maura:            Oh yeah. I love taking the train between Montreal and Toronto. It’s so quaint and you get to see all these little towns and villages that you normally don’t see when you drive.

Harp:              I love taking the train. It’s relaxing. You can do your own thing and you don’t have to worry about traffic or if the weather is bad. You just get to relax the whole way there.

Maura:            Very nice.

Harp:              So today we’re doing a Catch Word podcast and that’s where we take some expressions, we break ’em down, and we give you examples.

Maura:            That is right. And today, in our Catch Word episode, we’re going to talk about expressions that mean that someone is delaying something or putting off something.

Harp:              Yeah. These expressions are related to not focusing on something right now.

Maura:            But planning to focus on it in the future sometime. So you’re not going to deal with something at the moment, but later on you’ll get back to it.

Harp:              Yes. Let’s get started. Let’s not delay.

Maura:            All right. The first expression in our episode today is to put something on the shelf.

Harp:              Yes. To put something on the shelf.

Maura:            That’s right. To put something on the shelf means that you’re not going to talk about it anymore, you’re not going to discuss it, you’re not going to think about it, but you’ll talk about it again later, at some time in the future.

Harp:              Yeah. You’re going to postpone making a decision or thinking about it or talking about it until later.

Maura:            Right. If you put something on the shelf that you’re talking about, it doesn’t mean that it’s finished and it’s over and you’re not gonna talk about it ever again, it just means not today, or not at this moment.

Harp:              Yeah. And if you think about this expression, to put something on the shelf, if you literally take an object off of a table and put it on the shelf, it’s not there anymore, you’re not thinking about it, you’re not talking about it anymore.

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