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A big thank you to Carlos for asking us about education in Canada! This episode is all about that very subject. Harp and Maura talk about the Canadian public school system, and outline what college and university are in Canada. They also talk about the programs you can take and the degrees you can earn. Then they share their own experiences in school all the way from kindergarten to university and beyond!

Harp: People in Canada are very proud of the free public system that exists all across Canada, and they like to support it. There are very few people I know who have been to private school.
Maura: Yeah, me too. There have been a lot of laws and regulations and politicians who have worked to keep the public system good and to encourage people to send their children there.
Harp: Yeah. That’s true. Because private school is very expensive and we really love our public school system here.
Maura: Yeah. It is usually the upper class, or the very rich Canadians, who go to private school.
Harp: Yeah. Now let’s talk about our next topic, which is post-secondary education.
Maura: Right. And this is just a fancy way of saying education after high school, which is also called secondary school. And post– means something that happens after. So when we talk about university or college or any other kind of degree that happens after high school, we can say post-secondary education.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

To take advantage of something A lucky duck
The Canadian education system vs. the Quebec education system Vice versa
Post- The difference between university and college in Canada
A handful To maintain a certain average
A PhD Specialized university degrees
To be a baby A good route
To go away to school Never say never
Only time will tell

Podcast/Learning Materials: Culips English Podcast, Photo Canadian Education Centre

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