Catch Word #142 – Easy as Pie

Do you wish that everything could be easy? In this episode, we talk about expressions to describe something that is easy and simple. You can use these expressions to talk about a test or even just finding your way to a new destination. After listening to this episode, using these expressions to talk about easy stuff should be a piece of cake!


Expressions included in the learning materialseasy_as_pie

  • Easy as pie
  • To get an A
  • To pull over
  • To admit defeat
  • A piece of cake
  • A rip off
  • I guess so
  • A gamer
  • Cakewalk
  • A breeze
  • To blow through something
  • To put work in
  • To try your luck

Sample transcript

Andrew:  Right. If something is easy to do, it’s very simple. it’s easy as pie.
Harp: Yup. You accomplish it; it wasn’t difficult; you didn’t have to think too hard. It was just easy.
Andrew: It was very straightforward – easy.
Harp: Now if I think about this expression though – easy as pie – I’ve tried to make a pie before and that’s not easy.
Andrew: Yeah. I tried to make a pie as well. It didn’t turn out very good.
Harp: But when I think actually of this expression, I think they’re talking about eating a pie and how easy that is.
Andrew: That’s right. That’s much easier to do.
Harp: Exactly.

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