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This episode we’re doing things a bit differently – We’re looking at expressions with the word one. You’ll hear explanations for one-horse race, one-track mind¬, and one-two punch. If you’re curious about what all these expressions mean, then this is the episode for you. Do you have a one-track mind for learning English? Listen here to find out!

sample dialog

Harp: Yeah. It’s pretty much a sure bet that they’re gonna win.
Andrew: For sure. So if you’re a gambler it’s good to bet on the person who you know is gonna win in a one-horse race.
Harp: Yes. So it can be a competition of any type, it could be a spelling bee, it could be a pie eating competition or it could be something like a singing competition like American Idol.
Andrew: Yeah. It could be any sort of competition where one competitor is head and shoulders above everybody else in the completion. You know that person is gonna win.
Harp: Nope. I think there are much more beautiful things and more interesting things that I would recommend that you go see.
Andrew: Yeah. So if you imagine a competition and there’s just that one person who’s so much better, you kind of know that they’re gonna win, that’s a one-horse race.

Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:

To go to do To be all thumbs
To make my day A one-horse race
There’s no question about it To be head and shoulders above the rest
No harm in it To be right around the corner
No questions asked One-track mind
Football this, football that To fall behind
One-two punch To brace yourself

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