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We are here to help everyone to learn a little bit more about English. We think it is really important to learn English how it is really spoken. That’s why our podcasts are always focused on real, current English. We are podcasting from Montreal, Canada, home to a diverse population that celebrates a variety of cultures and languages; in fact most people here speak French and English, and a lot of people speak a third language.

We have different podcast styles.
The first is the Close Up podcast. In this podcast Maura looks closely at one conversation. We have recurring characters, you can see their profiles on our website, and they are in different situations every time. We talk about vocabulary, expressions, idioms, slang and even some grammar. But not too much!

In each of our Chatterbox podcasts you’ll hear a natural conversation between two real people. Each episode centers around a different topic and features a discussion either between two of the Culips hosts or between a host and a special guest with an interesting story to tell.

We also have some short podcasts.
In the Catch Word podcast, we look closely at just one word. Each podcast a different word is featured and we discuss its meanings and uses. There will be a lot of phrasal or two-word verbs here.

We have also devoted an entire podcast to your questions.
It’s called Curious Questions. There are often many little questions that come up when you are learning a language. So here is your chance to get them answered. You can send your questions to questions@culips.com

In addition to the podcasts, we have some great resources, called Lipservice, that go along with each podcast. This includes complete transcripts, detailed explanations and even quizzes to test your comprehension. Lipservice is accessed through membership fees or by purchasing individual Lipservice materials.

We would love to hear what you think of these services and our podcast episodes.


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