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MauraMaura: Hello! I was really excited when I first heard about this ESL podcast project. It felt perfect for me. I have been teaching English for about 5 years now, in Quebec, Montreal and Tokyo, Japan. I have really enjoyed doing that and learning about different cultures at the same time. Being a student of French myself, I completely understand how difficult it is to learn a new language. That is also why I think it is super important to learn a language how it is actually spoken. I will always do my best to focus on modern English. I promise.

img_robin1.jpgRobin: I always have been interested in languages ever since I was young. And because of that, I went to university to study Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology. After that, I taught in Japan and in Quebec. And now with Culips, I am here to help you with your English language learning.

HarpHarp: Hello All. This is Harp from Culips. I have been fascinated and frustrated by languages since I was a young child. My native tongue is Punjabi and I didn’t actually learn English till I started school at 5 years old. I still remember mixing up potato and tomato when I was 8. I spent the last couple of years teaching conversational English in Canada and abroad in Korea and France. In my own attempt to learn French I started searching for Podcasts and didn’t find anything interesting. That set me on the path to create a fun and interactive way to learn languages. Hope you enjoy our podcasts.

JessieJessie: Hi! I met the Culips team after I moved to Montreal from Ontario to start a job as a medical writer, and I couldn’t wait to join in the fun! I first got involved in teaching ESL as a volunteer during university, and I’ve loved it ever since. I spent a year teaching English at a middle school in Korea, and I couldn’t wait to join the Culips team here in Montreal! I love learning, and I love helping other people to learn. So feel free to send any and all English or cultural questions our way!

YoshiYoshi: Hello. My native tongue is Japanese and I have been learning languages pretty much all my life. I’ve lived in the US and Canada for a long time. I want to speak English like a native speaker, but I also know how difficult that can be. Podcasting is one of my favorite ways to improve my English; very fun, and effective. Oh yeah, learning languages should be fun too. As one of the Culips founders, I always try to incorporate that into our episodes and teaching materials.


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