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Learn from natural English conversation – Movers and Shakers

movers and shakers

In these times of international business, many movers and shakers find it important to be able to speak English! In today’s episode, we talk about people who have ambition and drive, and can make things happen. Some people are really more »

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Let’s just play it by ear

Play it by the ear

Are you the kind of person who likes to plan everything? Or would you rather just play it by ear? This episode is about being in the moment, not planning too much, and accepting what happens. To play it by more »

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Interview with Jade


A Culips listener on Facebook recently requested that we do more interviews, so here’s another one! This time it’s our friend Jade who’s talking to you. In this episode, Andrew asks her about her life growing up in the province more »

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Do you have many secrets to hide? Don’t worry, we won’t make you share any of them! But that’s what we’re talking here. What should be kept secret and what do you share with people in your lives? Everyone has more »

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Tickets and scalpers


Whether you go to a show once a year or once a month, there’s some fun vocabulary related to going to one, and we’ve done an episode all about it! In this episode, Andrew and Harp also share their experiences more »

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Travel stories


This episode we’re all here sharing our favourite stories from some of our journeys abroad. Andrew talks about an interesting place he visited outside Berlin, Harp tells us about her search for tigers, and Maura shares a story about being more »

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That’s sick!

A sick guitar player

There are tons of negative words that are used as positive slang. We’re looking at a few of the more popular ones in this episode. Andrew and Maura give you their take on sick, mean, and wicked. If you look more »

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This time we’re looking at casual ways to agree with a person. The expressions in this episode are cool casual slang, more often used by younger people. But if you’re older, don’t worry! These expressions can be found in music, more »

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Every place on earth has some sort of money system, but everyone does it a little bit differently. Listen to this episode where Harp and Andrew talk about their experiences with money in Canada. They talk about hourly pay and more »

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Hanging by a thread

hanging by the thread

Do you use things until they almost stop working and become useless? Maybe you have a TV that’s hanging on by a thread. Or do you have an old t-shirt that’s on its last legs? This time Andrew and Harp more »

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