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Learn from natural English conversation – Home is where the heart is


Home is a special place, so it makes sense that we’ve got a bunch of expressions to talk about it. Andrew and Maura start by explaining the difference between house and home, then review the most popular expression with home. more »

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High school cliques

High School Cliques

High school is a special kind of world with all different kinds of people. If you’ve ever watched an American movie, you’ll probably recognize some of the characters we talk about here. In this episode, Andrew and Maura talk about more »

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An interview with Roberto


In this episode, we interview Roberto, a Canadian who partly grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, spent 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, and is now known as the Vegan Yoga Dude. Roberto and Harp discuss his experiences learning more »

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The Winter Olympics


It’s Olympic time again! All around the world people are tuning into sporting events happening in Sochi, Russia, so we decided to do an episode about it. Harp and Andrew talk about their own favourite events, and also discuss what more »

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Aleks: Part 2


This episode is a continuation of our previous interview with Aleks. If you missed that one, go check it out. We left off as Aleks was talking about her first trip to Canada. In this episode, she tells us how more »

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Aleks: Part 1

Culips English Podcast

We recently interviewed our friend Aleks about her life and adventures, so that she could share her stories with you. Aleks is originally from Serbia, but she’s also lived in the US, Denmark, and Canada. Her English is pretty impeccable, more »

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What’s fashionable


Thanks again to another Culips listener for giving us the idea for this episode! This time we’re talking about fashion—and there’s so much to say! Do you like skinny jeans? Do you have a pair of bell bottoms? In this more »

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Host’s choice episode – Harp’s choice: Tips for Canadian job interviews

Job Interview

Around this time of year, lots of people want to make a change in their lives. And one of those changes might be a new job! That’s why Harp chose this episode for you. This episode was first released just more »

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Host’s choice episode – Andrew’s choice: Learning languages

Learning Language

If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your English-language skills, let this one inspire you! Here’s an episode from the Culips vault about learning languages. Learning a new language can be such a complicated process! Anyone who has ever more »

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