Close Up #9 – Love at First Sight

Happy Valentine’s Day! In this episode we are talking about the phenomenon of falling in love at first sight. Actually Robin and Harp are continuing their conversation from last episode and Maura explains some of the expressions they use. You’ll also learn about Cupid! Do you know Cupid?

Close Up #8 – Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s one week until Valentine’s Day and to get you in the mood for love we are uploading our episode a week early! Maura talks a bit about the history of Valentine’s Day to start and then we listen to a REAL conversation between Robin and Harp about Valentine’s Day. What do Robin and Harp […]

Close Up #7 – Favour

Can you do me a favour? Rich has had an accident and needs some help from a friend. In this episode, he calls Chris and asks him for a favour. (In Canada favour is spelled with a u. For other spelling differences, check out our glossary.) Rich and Chris use expressions like on my way […]

Close Up #6 – New Job

Linda has started her new job and meets one of her new colleagues. What can you say when you meet someone new? It is the best time to make a first impression, so let’s listen to what Alice and Linda talk about here.   Expressions included in the learning materials Nice to meet you How […]

Close Up #5 – Blind Date Part 2

Jen gets mixed up and Rick is a couch potato! Do you already know these funny expressions? After finding out about Jen’s date in part 1 of Catching Up, she asks Rick about his night. Find out what is new with him.   Expressions included in the learning materials Get lucky I suppose To mix […]

Close Up #4 – Blind Date part 1

Jen just went on a blind date and Rick tries to find out all the details. A blind date means that Jen and Rick did not know each other before. Learn how to talk about love in this episode. Were there sparks? Was there chemistry? This episode also features the expression to beat around the […]

Close Up #3 – Catching Up: Part 2

Tara and Fred haven’t seen each other in awhile. In this episode they continue their meeting in a cafe and catch up. And someone walks in on their boss in the washroom! Oh no, how embarrassing!

Close Up #2 – Catching up: Part 1

Have you caught up with a good friend lately? Tara and Fred have just met in a cafe and are telling each other what’s new. Here, learn how to catch up in English with ease, and also hear some new expressions explained for you including over here, guess what and to tough it out.

Close Up #1 – Culture Shock

In this episode Jen and Chris meet up in a crowded café to discuss Chris’s latest adventure. He is Canadian and has just come back from an exciting trip to Tokyo. They discuss about Chris’s experiences in another country and culture. Here we explain expressions like time flies and to show someone the ropes, and […]