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All About Writing

Welcome to another edition of the Culips Blog! Today I’m going to talk all about writing. We here at Culips strongly believe that our podcast can help you improve your English in many different ways. We realize, however, that it more »

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Have you ever noticed a word from your native language being used in English? English has a long and interesting history. During its evolution, English has borrowed many, many words from other languages. This has helped enrich the language’s lexicon. more »

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Phrasal Vocabulary

How big is your phrasal vocabulary? We get many emails from listeners asking us about phrasal verbs and expressions. If you find them difficult, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Phrasal verbs and expressions are really hard to learn.  For example, more »

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Listener Question: To Ship vs. To Deliver

We recently got a great question from a Culips listener via email (Thanks Ana!), so I thought I’d share my answer here, in case other people are wondering about the same thing. Ana wanted to know more about the verbs more »

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Culips is Now Available on Stitcher

Hi Culips fans! Wow, Culips is really getting into all the latest technology these days. You can find us on iTunes: You can drop by our busy Facebook page: And you can follow us on Twitter: But more »

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Hey Culips listeners!


We recently did an episode about klutzes, where we told you all about clumsy people and the expression we can use to talk about them. In one of our example dialogues, we used the word vase. If you’re a Culips more »

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Autumn is Oyster Season in Canada

Do you like seafood? Are oysters common where you live? In Canada, peak oyster season happens in the fall. Last weekend, we saw some boxes of fresh oysters in the grocery store and decided to try preparing them for ourselves! more »

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Adverbs of Place

Over at the Culips Facebook page, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about why in English we don’t use the preposition to with words like home, downtown, and outside. (You can check out the Culips Facebook page at more »

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Culips is being featured on the Language Portal of Canada’s webpage

We’re so happy at Culips! Our podcast is being featured on the Language Portal of Canada’s webpage. It’s nice to be recognized by our home country! If you’re interested in what they have to say about us, check here.

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Culips 4 Year Anniversary!

Happy birthday to us! As of March 2012, Culips is four years old, and we want to celebrate with you! So much of what we do here at Culips is online, so we wanted to try something a little different more »

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