Spoken interview

In this special bonus episode, we talk to our friends at Spoken about an exciting way to improve your professional English on your phone! Spoken is offering Culips listeners an amazing deal: two free lessons and a 20% discount off your first month of using Spoken. Help support Culips and improve your English at the same […]

How can I improve my English?

Here at Culips, two of the questions we get asked all the time are: 1. How can I improve my English speaking? 2. How can I improve my business English? If you’re curious about the answers, our friends at Spoken have solution!

Nostalgic Canadian Kids’ TV: Show notes

In Chatterbox episode #175, Morag and Andrew talk all about their favourite Canadian TV shows for kids. They make many pop culture references that people living outside of Canada may not know. Here are the show notes for this episode. Click the links for more information! The Simpsons YTV Reboot Uh Oh!  Much Music Shaun Majumder […]

Vietnamese Menu

In Real Talk #4, we talked about ordering lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Here are a couple of pictures of menu from a Vietnamese restaurant. Mmmm everything sounds delicious. What would you order?

Ordering Lunch at Tim Hortons

In Real Talk #3, we talk about ordering lunch at Tim Hortons, a Canadian fast food restaurant named after a famous ice hockey player. Here is what a Tim Hortons menu looks like: And here is what the inside of a Tim Hortons restaurant looks like: Next time your in Canada, try having lunch at […]

Sue’s Karaoke Cuts

In Chatterbox #170, Sue tells us that she sang Karaoke during her trip to Orlando, Florida. Here are video links to the three songs she sang! Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner Are You Going to Be My Girl? – Jet Just Give Me a Reason – Pink  Next time you find yourself singing […]

Does Mozart eat Pizza and Mozzarella: TS or ZZ?

We recently had a message on Facebook inquiring as to why we pronounce PIZZA, MOZART, NAZI, and MOZZARELLA with a “TS” sound, as opposed to a “ZZ” sound. This is a great question! As you may know, when we have other words with double ZZ’s, such as DIZZY, FIZZY, or DRIZZLE, we pronounce them exactly […]

In A Cab Comprehension Questions

In our latest episode, Real Talk 001: In A Cab, we asked you three comprehension questions. If you haven’t listened to this episode, make sure to check it out now. Here are the answers to the comprehension questions: 1. When Lisa points out that she lives in “this brick building”, is she close to the […]

Pizza Ladder

A Culips listener from South Korea sent us an email asking about Andrew’s use of the expression pizza ladder in Simplified Speech #010 First Jobs. If you haven’t heard this episode yet, you should do so now! Today’s blog is dedicated to explaining what pizza ladder means. In the episode, Andrew and Morag talk about their first […]

5 Ways You Can Support Culips

A lot of people ask us how they can support Culips. Your support means we can dedicate more time and resources to making Culips better than ever.  Here are a couple of easy ways you can help us take Culips to the next level. 1.) Rate and review us on iTunes iTunes ratings and reviews […]

Tips for Learning English

Everyone knows that learning English is difficult, but don’t worry—Culips is here to help! We’ve put together a list of language-learning tips that will have you speaking fluently in no time! Live English As much as you can, try to mimic the life of English speakers. Follow the same TV shows as they do, listen […]

Happy New Year!

The holidays provide a great opportunity to take some time and reflect back on the past 365 days. 2015 was a fantastic year for Culips! We recorded interviews with some very interesting people like Andrew’s friend Luke and Jessica from All Ears English. Our Catch Word episodes kept you up to date on some of the freshest slang and we introduced […]

All About Writing

Welcome to another edition of the Culips Blog! Today I’m going to talk all about writing. We here at Culips strongly believe that our podcast can help you improve your English in many different ways. We realize, however, that it may be difficult to become a better writer through listening to our podcast. So, today’s […]


Have you ever noticed a word from your native language being used in English? English has a long and interesting history. During its evolution, English has borrowed many, many words from other languages. This has helped enrich the language’s lexicon. Often these borrowed words are referred to as loanwords. The excellent blog Lexicon Valley recently posted an […]