Autumn is Oyster Season in Canada

Do you like seafood? Are oysters common where you live? In Canada, peak oyster season happens in the fall. Last weekend, we saw some boxes of fresh oysters in the grocery store and decided to try preparing them for ourselves! Before that, I’d only ever eaten oysters at a restaurant. There’s a popular restaurant in […]

Sugar Shack (Cabane à Sucre)

When people think of Canada, one of the first things that comes to mind is maple syrup. Canada’s maple syrup industry in mostly in the eastern part of the country, and I was raised out west (in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta), so I didn’t grow up knowing very much about maple syrup, […]

Blog – Montreal’s Famous Bagels

Lots of places—whether cities, provinces, states, countries, or regions—have a food or foods that they’re famous for. Sometimes those foods are famous worldwide, like Japan’s sushi or Italy’s pasta. Sometimes they’re just famous within the country or region itself. To give you just a few examples, Canada is known for its maple syrup production; the […]


It’s the month of November and I have been seeing quite a number of men with moustaches around! I found out recently this is because of Movember. For more information you can go to their website: Movember is a charity event that happens during the month of November. What happens is that men grow […]

Dragon’s Beard Candy in Chinatown

Hi everybody! It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and in Montreal that means that it’s time for all kinds of festivals and outdoor events like sidewalk sales. A sidewalk sale is a special event where all the stores and restaurants on a certain street or in a certain area move outside and sell their things […]

Snowshoeing! – Maura

Hey all! I went snowshoeing a couple weeks ago and wanted to share some photos with you. You can see in the picture where we are standing that my two friends are wearing some funny things on their feet. These are snowshoes! They are like shoes for snow. But actually, they are just attachments that […]

I was on the radio last week!

Hello everyone! A good friend of mine who is originally from Montreal now lives in Vancouver. Her name is Marie-Eve and she has a radio show on CITR, which is a community radio station with all kinds of cultural shows and podcasts. You can look at the schdule for their shows here. On May 21, […]

Sunday Afternoon in Mount Royal Park

Last weekend I had a great adventure and learned more about Montreal culture at the same time! On Sunday afternoon my boyfriend and I took the metro (that’s what we call the subway here in Montreal) over to the stop closest to Mount Royal Park, then walked up the busy street for a few minutes […]

India – Shopping Vacation!

Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I blogged and I’m sorry but I have a good excuse, I went to India for 2½ weeks. As most of you know my family is originally from India (I was born in Canada ) and a couple of months ago I started planning a trip […]

Daylight Savings Time

Twice a year in the most parts of Canada and the US, we have a special day where we either set our clocks forward or set them backwards. At the end of winter we set them backwards in order to gain an extra hour of light throughout the day. The farther north you live in Canada, the […]