Phrasal Vocabulary

How big is your phrasal vocabulary? We get many emails from listeners asking us about phrasal verbs and expressions. If you find them difficult, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Phrasal verbs and expressions are really hard to learn.  For example, understanding the core definition of to give may be simple but learning all of give’s more »

Listener Question: To Ship vs. To Deliver

We recently got a great question from a Culips listener via email (Thanks Ana!), so I thought I’d share my answer here, in case other people are wondering about the same thing. Ana wanted to know more about the verbs to ship and to deliver, and the differences between the two. This is a great more »


Adverbs of Place

Over at the Culips Facebook page, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about why in English we don’t use the preposition to with words like home, downtown, and outside. (You can check out the Culips Facebook page at So why do we say “I’m going to school” but not “I’m going to more »

Pronouncing the words should’ve, would’ve, must’ve, and could’ve

Hello Culips listeners! We recently received a great question from one of our listeners in the United States. Luis’s first language is Spanish, and he was wondering about how native English speakers pronounce the words should’ve, would’ve, must’ve, and could’ve, which are contractions of should have, would have, must have, and could have. It can more »

Where do you listen to Culips???

Do you remember the time before portable music? Only being able to listen to music while inside? Well, I still remember my first portable cassette tape player; it was a hand-me-down from my older sister. It was amazing to me to be able to listen to the radio and music while walking around outside. Then more »

Want to hear a funny story?

I just finished listening to this week’s Culips ESL podcast episode, hosted by Harp and Maura, and I really enjoyed it! It’s a Chatterbox episode about the art of telling stories in English. If you haven’t heard the episode yet, check it out here (for free, as always): The art of telling stories in English more »

Harvest Time – My Visit to a Farm

In early September I made a trip out west to visit my best friend, Deneille. I met Deneille when we were both teaching English in South Korea. Deneille had a very different childhood than I did, because she grew up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. I’ve wanted to visit her family’s farm ever since more »

Summertime Adventures

Hello! Most of us at Culips have been away from the blog, enjoying the summer, and just now are accepting that fall is here and the cold winter weather is coming! There are leaves all over the ground and we need to wear a jacket to go outside now. Brrrr! I had a really great more »


Hello everyone, If you ever read this blog you may have noticed that one of my favourite things to do in my spare time is listen and watch for expressions we’ve looked at in Culips’ episodes! But seriously — I was surfing the net, looking at a site I like to check out from time more »

Where did we go?

Hey everyone! I have recently had a bit more time on my hands and so have been able to do a bit more web surfing. There are so many resources available online for learning (and teaching) English – it’s incredible! We’re always curious about how our listeners find us too. We won ESL Site of more »

Check out my cheques!

Hi everyone, One of the things I love about being a part of this podcast is seeing the English that we share here at Culips being used in real situation that I encounter in my life! The other day I was waiting at a cash register to pay for some photocopies and I noticed a more »

Hat Head!

Hey everyone! Today (like most days in winter) I was thinking about hat head. I have hat head pretty much every day in winter…and I don’t like it! Hat head is an expression we use in Canada (and the U.S.) to describe what hair looks like after someone has worn a hat for some time. more »

Culips declared ESL Site of the Year 2009 by EnglishClub!!!

Culips declared ESL Site of the Year 2009 by EnglishClub!!! This week the Culips team learned that we are being honoured by EnglishClub as ESL Site of the Year for 2009!!!. We are very excited by this news as EnglishClub is a leader in the ESL world. The EnglishClub website is wonderful for both teachers more »

Exclamation Marks!!!!

Hello!! Today is the last day of our Book Giveaway contest. If you still want to enter the chance to win a free copy of Culips’ new book, English Q & A (in English and Japanese), look at the blog post below and make a comment. As I was looking back at the previous post and more »

Useful Tool for you!

Hey everyone! Recently I was working on the Detailed Explanation for Lipservice and I found a really useful language tool. It allows you to search for words, but it is not a dictionary! The website is What it allows you to do is search for words that you are not sure how to spell. If more »