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Listener Question: To Ship vs. To Deliver

We recently got a great question from a Culips listener via email (Thanks Ana!), so I thought I’d share my answer here, in case other people are wondering about the same thing. Ana wanted to know more about the verbs more »

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Hello everyone, If you ever read this blog you may have noticed that one of my favourite things to do in my spare time is listen and watch for expressions we’ve looked at in Culips’ episodes! But seriously — I more »

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Stuck in my head

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? You keep singing it over and over in your mind. Last weekend I edited the Catch Word episode about the word wannabe. In it, Jessie and Maura talk about the more »

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Hey all! I went snowshoeing a couple weeks ago and wanted to share some photos with you. You can see in the picture where we are standing that my two friends are wearing some funny things on their feet. These more »

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Check out my cheques!

Hi everyone, One of the things I love about being a part of this podcast is seeing the English that we share here at Culips being used in real situation that I encounter in my life! The other day I more »

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Hat Head!

Hey everyone! Today (like most days in winter) I was thinking about hat head. I have hat head pretty much every day in winter…and I don’t like it! Hat head is an expression we use in Canada (and the U.S.) more »

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Hiking around Montreal

A few posts back, Jessie wrote about Mount Royal (a small mountain located on the island of Montreal). And just outside of Montreal there are even more mountains to choose from! Since the weather in Montreal is getting warmer and more »

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I ran out of batteries!

Yesterday was a holiday in Canada. It was Victoria Day. Victoria Day is celebrated on the last Monday before or on May 24 in honour of Queen Victoria. In Canada this holiday is known for camping, parties, fireworks, and hoping more »

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Dance expressions

Hi! Have you already checked out our new episode this week? It was so fun to make for you. This episode is about expressions we have for dancing. It is called “Get Down” which is just one expression for dancing. more »

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Love at first sight

Every time that I hear this expression I automatically get this song stuck in my head. It’s a very catchy and fun song. I really don’t believe in love at first sight in the traditional sense, I don’t think that more »

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