‘Tis the season!

Everyone at Culips is getting ready to relax and be with friends and family this holiday season! We are currently working on our Christmas episode. A great way to to learn English with this episode is to sit back and have some egg nog (a traditional holiday drink). One thing that always get me in more »

Harvest Time – My Visit to a Farm

In early September I made a trip out west to visit my best friend, Deneille. I met Deneille when we were both teaching English in South Korea. Deneille had a very different childhood than I did, because she grew up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. I’ve wanted to visit her family’s farm ever since more »

Summertime Adventures

Hello! Most of us at Culips have been away from the blog, enjoying the summer, and just now are accepting that fall is here and the cold winter weather is coming! There are leaves all over the ground and we need to wear a jacket to go outside now. Brrrr! I had a really great more »

youtube English

If you read this blog, you may have noticed that I like to post videos. I love finding new and interesting videos online. Do you often visit youtube? Do you view the youtube site in English? The other day I was looking at youtube.com and I started thinking about how bad the English as on more »

No language required!

Hi Everyone! Have you ever seen one of these viral videos? A viral video is a video that becomes very popular online. A video becomes viral when many, many people watch it and then talk about it with their friends. Sometimes these videos are then shown on TV, like on the news. They are called more »


Since I wrote my last blog about skunks, I have noticed that the skunk population has increased A LOT in Montreal. I see at least a skunk a week, if not more. I see them all around town. Each and every time that I see them I freak out (get very scared and make a more »

Behind the scenes

Hello Culips People! This is the place where I will be writing to tell you what is happening with Culips! Why is this post called “Behind the scenes”? “Behind the scenes” is the place where things are happening that not everyone sees. I think this expression may come from the theatre. The actors are on more »