Want to hear a funny story?

I just finished listening to this week’s Culips ESL podcast episode, hosted by Harp and Maura, and I really enjoyed it! It’s a Chatterbox episode about the art of telling stories in English. If you haven’t heard the episode yet, check it out here (for free, as always): The art of telling stories in English more »

Harvest Time – My Visit to a Farm

In early September I made a trip out west to visit my best friend, Deneille. I met Deneille when we were both teaching English in South Korea. Deneille had a very different childhood than I did, because she grew up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. I’ve wanted to visit her family’s farm ever since more »

Summertime Adventures

Hello! Most of us at Culips have been away from the blog, enjoying the summer, and just now are accepting that fall is here and the cold winter weather is coming! There are leaves all over the ground and we need to wear a jacket to go outside now. Brrrr! I had a really great more »

Dragon’s Beard Candy in Chinatown

Hi everybody! It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and in Montreal that means that it’s time for all kinds of festivals and outdoor events like sidewalk sales. A sidewalk sale is a special event where all the stores and restaurants on a certain street or in a certain area move outside and sell their things more »

Ottawa – A weekend to Remember

Remember when I told you about looking forward to my exciting weekend in Ottawa? Well, I wanted to share a couple of the highlights, because the weekend did not disappoint! The concert was amazing. The opening band, called An Horse, did a great job. They had lots of energy and they sounded great! I met more »

Train rides

I think every kid is fascinated with trains. My nephew loves taking the train and creating toy trains. Since I was young I have wanted to take the train, especially through the Rocky Mountains, from Edmonton to Vancouver, but I never had the chance. When I started traveling overseas at the age of 21 I more »


Hello all, I thought I would share a lovely adventure I went on with some of my colleagues (people/friends you work with) a couple of weekends ago. One of my friends discovered a vineyard close to Montreal . It sounded like a great idea and indeed it was. I am very happy that I decided more »

Mont Tremblant

Hey everyone! How is the weather where you are? In Montreal (and most of Canada) it is getting colder. It is definitely autumn (or fall).In Canada, during autumn, the leaves on the trees change colours from green to red, orange and yellow. Then they eventually fall to the ground.A couple weekends ago, I went with more »

Hiking in the USA

Hey everyone! As summer is finishing, I am already starting to reminisce (think of the past) about my mini-vacations. In August I went to the state of New Hampshire and hiked up Mount Washington. This mountain is only a 4-hour drive from Montreal, and what a beautiful drive it is. Lots of scenic (lots of more »


Hi! I hope you all have been having a great summer. I am loving the summer. In Montreal we have been very lucky to have some great weather, not too hot or muggy (hot and humid). The weekend before last I went to Boston with my boyfriend. One of my friends was driving there and more »

Beautiful Quebec

Hi, Sorry for the delay in posting an update about my holiday. It seems that there are not enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do. Let me start by saying that the Victoria Day Long Weekend was fantastic for me. It really felt a lot longer than only more »