Where do you listen to Culips???

Do you remember the time before portable music? Only being able to listen to music while inside? Well, I still remember my first portable cassette tape player; it was a hand-me-down from my older sister. It was amazing to me to be able to listen to the radio and music while walking around outside. Then more »


It’s the month of November and I have been seeing quite a number of men with moustaches around! I found out recently this is because of Movember. For more information you can go to their website: www.movember.com. Movember is a charity event that happens during the month of November. What happens is that men grow more »

Harvest Time – My Visit to a Farm

In early September I made a trip out west to visit my best friend, Deneille. I met Deneille when we were both teaching English in South Korea. Deneille had a very different childhood than I did, because she grew up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. I’ve wanted to visit her family’s farm ever since more »

Summertime Adventures

Hello! Most of us at Culips have been away from the blog, enjoying the summer, and just now are accepting that fall is here and the cold winter weather is coming! There are leaves all over the ground and we need to wear a jacket to go outside now. Brrrr! I had a really great more »

Where did we go?

Hey everyone! I have recently had a bit more time on my hands and so have been able to do a bit more web surfing. There are so many resources available online for learning (and teaching) English – it’s incredible! We’re always curious about how our listeners find us too. We won ESL Site of more »

Olympic Fever

I love the Olympics, I always have and I always will. As a young girl, I remember being excited whenever the Olympics were happening. I was about 7 years old when the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics happened and I remember watching many of the different events. I love both the Summer and Winter Olympics and more »

President Barack Obama!!!

Politics is in my blood and I have to say I was very excited about yesterday. I have been exposed to politics from a very young age as my grandfather told stories from his time when he was a politician. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly in Punjab (a province in Northern India) more »