Curious Question # 23 – Dude

Dude! This word is very popular nowadays, especially with young people. You can often hear this word in movies and television shows, or with your Native English speaker friends. It has been around for awhile but young people are using the word dude, more and more. So…dude, what does it mean?

Curious Question #22 – No matter what

No matter what is a common expression used by English speakers. The question in this episode comes from Ae Sun who heard this expression used while she was watching TV. There are also other similar expressions like, no matter what happens and no matter who/when/why/where/which/how.

Curious Question #21 – Wedding anniversaries

Eliza from China emailed to ask us about Wedding Anniversaries. Here we talk about different ways to wish someone a happy anniversary, what couples do on their anniversaries and the special names of some anniversaries. If you’re married or not, listen below.

Curious Question #20 – Silent p

Sometimes English pronunciation is very difficult. Sometimes we spell words quite differently from how they sound. This happens often because the word originally comes from another language. This is the case with the silent P that comes at the beginning of some words. (As we don’t hear the P when we speak, this could be […]

Curious Question #19 – Calling names

Have you ever been called a name? It is not a nice experience. Mohammed from Egypt wrote to us and asked us about this expression, to call someone names? He wanted to know if it was insulting or not. To find out about this expression and to hear some example of names check out this […]

Curious Question #18 – Call it a day

Here we look at a question about the expressions, Let’s call it a day and Let’s call it a night. These expressions are used often after work has been done or you are feeling tired. Listen to this episode for specific cases of when these expressions are appropriate! You’ll also learn about another similar expression, […]

Curious Question #17 – Email closings

Are most of you out there writing emails in English? Are you getting bored with ending your emails the same way all the time? Well, then this episode is for you! Here we discuss which email endings are appropriate and when to use them. We also give some fun ideas on how to be more […]

Curious Question #16 – Kisses in Canada

Everywhere around the world there are different customs for greeting. Here in Montreal you can often see people kissing each other on the cheeks. So what is normal here? And what is normal for Canada? In this episode, Robin and Harp kiss and tell! Expressions included in the learning materials To hug To bow Kisses.To […]

Curious Question #15 – Had Better

You had better listen to this episode! Did you understand this first sentence? If you didn’t, check out this episode and hear us explain “had better” for you. We will also give you lots of examples of how to use it. Expressions included in the learning materials Had better Ought to Situations when we use […]

Curious Question #14 – Down Cold

Do you have all English idioms down cold? If you don’t know every English idiom, listen to this podcast to learn a couple more. The question this week is about the expression “to have something down cold.”

Curious Question #13 –Answering machine/voice mail greetings

How do I leave a greeting in English on my answering machine at work? There are standard messages and there are more special, funny ones. Listen to this podcast to hear professional messages and Harp and Maura sing! Expressions included in the learning materials Answering machine / voicemail Reached Message The tone/the beep Just kidding […]

Curious Question #12 – As Well

This question is about “as well”. Is it exactly the same as “too”? Can it also be used in another way? Check out this episode to find out! Listen to fun English podcasts with natural expressions and everyday vocabulary for language learners. Every Culips episode has interesting elements of culture as well as language.

Curious Question #11 – Are we on for tonight?

Are we on for tonight? Here we have a question about a casual expression for confirming plans. To find out exactly what it means, you’ll have to listen to this episode!   Sample transcript: Harp: Hello everyone, this is Harp… Robin: And Robin… Harp: With the Curious Questions podcast at, that’s Robin: OK, […]

Curious Question #10 – “Let’s” and “Why don’t”

Let’s listen to this Culips episode! This time we talk about the expressions beginning with “Let’s…” and “Why don’t we…”, give your examples and explain the differences between them. Why don’t you stop reading and listen to it now!

Curious Question #9 – Sweet

Sweet! Have you all heard of this new slang term “sweet”? What does it mean? When can you use it? Find out in this podcast. We will give you a couple examples.   Expressions included in the learning materials Sweets A sweet tooth Sweet pea/Sweetheart Short and sweet More “sweet” slang Sample transcript Harp: “Sweet” is […]