Catch Word #1 -Turn

In this episode we look at verbs and nouns with the word turn; Turn on, turn off, turn up, and turn down! When we add a different preposition on the end the meaning changes and here we talk about all their meanings. So turn on this episode and turn up the volume!


Expressions included in the learning materialsturnon

  • Turn on
  • Turn off
  • Turn up
  • Turn down
    1. To reduce intensity of power. You can also turn down the lights. A synonym for turn down is lower. You can say, “Can you please lower the lights?”
    2. To reject or refuse something. Examples: She turned down the job. The idea was turned down.

Sample transcript

Robin: at, bringing you Catch Word. That’s C-U-L-I-P-S.COM. Each week, we take one word and talk about its different meanings. We talk about verbs, and nouns, and even slang.
Maura: We look closely at one word. Today’s word is Turn
Robin: Turn, like turn the street corner.
Maura: Exactly. So to turn is when you change directions.
Robin: What’s another example that we can think of here? You’re changing the position. You can do that with your body too.
Maura: You can turn your body to the left or to the right.
Robin: OK. Ah, there’s that sound. I guess, what’s the next one?
Maura: Turn up.
Robin: OK. You can turn up. For example, we can turn up for class.
Maura: Right. So “to turn up for class” means that you are there. You go to class.
Robin: You show up for class. You go to class. Exactly. Exactly. What’s another example that we have?
Maura: If we listen to the radio, we want to listen to it louder, we turn up the volume.
Robin: Turn up the volume. Do you have that problem with your next door neighbor? I know I do.
Maura: Sometimes.
Robin: Alright. I guess, we can also similarly turn down…the radio.
Maura: I wish my neighbor would turn down his radio sometimes, at night.
Robin: Indeed. Indeed. And you know what? Actually, last week, I met this wonderful person. I asked them out on a date. But they turned down my invitation.
Maura: Oh no. They turned you down.
Robin: Yeah. They turned me down.
Maura: That means they said ‘No’.
Robin: Yeah. It happens quite often…

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast