Close Up #1 – Culture Shock

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In this episode Jen and Chris meet up in a crowded café to discuss Chris’s latest adventure. He is Canadian and has just come back from an exciting trip to Tokyo. They discuss about Chris’s experiences in another country and culture. Here we explain expressions like time flies and to show someone the ropes, and other new vocabulary!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • Tag questions
  • The crack of dawn
  • To crack (under pressure) can mean to surrender to something or someone. Example: They pressured him until he cracked.
  • To crack up means to laugh suddenly. Example: I told a joked and she cracked up.
  • To crack down means to get serious about something. Example: They really cracked down on violence in prisons
  • The time flew by “Time flies when you are having fun.”
  • Stumble
  • Kind of
  • Sorta
  • To show someone the ropes
  • Gerund

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