Catch Word #4 “Put”

Where did you put your bag? Did you put it up or down? Or did you put it away? Here we are looking at the different meanings with the word put. Have you ever had to put up with a very boring English lesson? We hope not!


Expressions included in the learning materialsword_put

  • Put on
  • Buttons and Zippers
  • Are you putting me on?
  • Put up with (something)
  • Put up/Put down
  • Put someone down
  • Put down (an animal)
  • Put away

Sample transcript

Robin: Each podcast we take one word and talk about its different meanings. We talk about verbs, and nouns, and even slang.
Maura: We look closely at one word. Today’s word is Put.
Robin: OK so, you know this morning I woke up and I put on clothes, so that could be I got dressed, right?
Maura: Right, so did you put on a lot of clothes because it was kind of cold today?
Robin: Actually, you know, I didn’t, you know what I did? I put on a little bathing suit and walked up St. Laurent! Haha!
Maura: Haha, I don’t believe you.
Robin: No seriously.
Maura: Ah, you’re putting me on.
Robin: That’s another expression, I guess. Putting me on. To put someone on. What does that mean?
Maura: Well, it means you were fooling me. You were trying to play a joke on me but I figured it out. I was smart.

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