Catch Word #2 – Heart

Can you feel the love? This episode we are talking about the word heart. A person can give their heart to another person when they are in love. If you need to memorize a speech you can also say that you need to learn it by heart. And if you are not sure how to put your heart into something, check this episode out!


Expressions included in the learning materialsheart

  • Achey Breaky Heart
  • Heart ache
  • Heart to heart
  • Change of heart
  • To put your heart into something
  • Hearty

Sample transcript

Robin: So, what is a heart? It’s that thing that pulsates in your chest.
Maura: Exactly, It keeps the body alive. I think it’s the one part that you definitely can’t live without.
Robin: Seriously? How about your brain?
Maura: Well, yeah, that too.
Robin: Ok, anyways, moving along. So, what are we going to talk about with the heart?
Maura: Well, we have that heart in the body, but then we also have that other kind of heart, right? That shape that’s quite hard to describe but if you go to our website we’ll have a picture, and it’s associated with love and Valentine’s Day, and all of that kind of stuff.
Robin: So, for example I can give someone my heart.
Maura: Yes.
Robin: I can give them my love.
Maura: Exactly.
Robin: But no one wants it. Ok….
Maura: Another example with heart is when we memorize something and learn something perfectly. We can say we learned it by heart.
Robin: We learned it by heart. And I guess in this sense, the heart stands for your mind.
Maura: Ya. That’s true. Right. It’s an interesting little expression. I don’t know where it came from. But, right, to learn something by heart means to memorize.
Robin: There’s also ‘break my heart.’
Maura: Right. Have you every had your heart broken?
Robin: I’d rather not talk about this. But, um, have you ever had your heart broken?
Maura: Why of course. I think most people have. It’s quite sad but to have your heart broken is when someone doesn’t love you in the same way that you love them. Would you say that’s a good definition?
Robin: I think so. If you want to know more check out Garth Brooks’, Achey Breaky Heart. That’s a good reference.
Maura: Hey, that’s not Garth Brooks. That’s Billy Ray, Billy Ray Cyrus,
Robin: Ok, my mistake.
Maura: No, but it’s a good song. You’re right. What about a ‘heart to heart’?
Robin: To have a heart to heart.
Maura: Right.
Robin: So you can have a heart to heart discussion for instance. And when you’re having a heart to heart discussion, you’re speaking frankly. That’s to say you’re being real. You’re getting rid of all the fluff, and you’re speaking from your heart.
Maura: Right. So it’s a very emotional kind of conversation, an honest conversation.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast