Catch Word #3 – Break

There are also many verbs containing the work break. At Culips we always try to break expressions down for you; To break something down means to break it into smaller parts and explain it. Other break verbs in this episode for you include break out, break up and breakfast!


Expressions included in the learning materialsbreak

  • To break someone
  • Break it down
  • Break out
  • Break up
  • Pronunciation of breakfast

Sample transcript

Robin:  Someone can be broke.

Maura: Ya. That’s true too. So if you are broke, what does that mean?

Robin: It means you have no money. I know this very well. Alright. And what else?

Maura: We got break down, to break down.

Robin: OK. So I can break down this for you in the sense that, I can explain it to you.

Maura: Right, so English teachers are good at that.

Robin: Ya. When you break something down, now imagine this image, you’re putting it into smaller pieces so you’re making it simple for someone to understand.

Maura: Right. But in the same way a person can fall to pieces they have a break down, things aren’t going well for them and they’ve got some problems.

Robin: Things fall apart. So, when you have a break down, you’re not doing so well in terms of your mental health.

Maura: Right. This seems to happen to more and more for people who are stressed at work and are too busy.

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