Close Up #2 – Catching up: Part 1

Have you caught up with a good friend lately? Tara and Fred have just met in a cafe and are telling each other what’s new. Here, learn how to catch up in English with ease, and also hear some new expressions explained for you including over here, guess what and to tough it out.


Expressions included in the learning materialscatchup

  • Over here
  • Present Perfect Verb Tense
  • tough it out.
  • Guess
  • guesstimate.

Sample transcript

Tara: Hey! Over here!
Fred: Oh, hi! I almost didn’t see you. How long have you been here?
Tara: Just a few minutes. How have you been?
Fred: I’ve been good. Busy but good.
Tara: What have you been up to?
Fred: We’ll, I’ve been taking some night courses and there’s been more homework than I thought.
Tara: That sucks. What classes are you taking?
Fred: I’m taking one class in web design and another in Photoshop. They’re tough.
Tara: Oh, that’s too bad. But at least you’re learning. I took a course last fall and it was a piece of cake but I didn’t learn anything.

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