Close Up #4 – Blind Date part 1

Jen just went on a blind date and Rick tries to find out all the details. A blind date means that Jen and Rick did not know each other before. Learn how to talk about love in this episode. Were there sparks? Was there chemistry? This episode also features the expression to beat around the bush.


Expressions included in the learning materialsblinddate

  • Blind dates/online dating
  • You guys/Guy slang
  • To pick up
  • Much or Many
  • Scruff
  • Facial Hair Vocabulary
    • Shaved – meaning no hair at all Example: He just shaved this morning.
    • Stubble – meaning a very short hair growth, one or two days after shaving Example: He shaved yesterday so he already has a bit of stubble.
    • A 5 o’clock shadow – meaning he shaved this morning but it is the end of the day and he has some hair on his face again.
    • Moustache – meaning hair under the nose Beard – meaning hair on the face Goatee – meaning hair just on the chin (the name may come Soul patch
  • We went for a drink
  • Jinx
  • Sparks /Chemistry

Sample transcript

Rick: So, how was the blind date last night?
Jen: It went surprisingly well.
Rick: What did you guys do?
Jen: Well, he picked me up at 6 and then we went to see a movie. We saw the Juno. It was good, but because of the movie we didn’t have the chance to talk that much.
Rick: But what did he look like?
Jen: He was the classic, tall, dark and handsome. Really, he was just my type. He had brown eyes and olive skin, and a bit of scruff. Really nice.
Rick: That is your type. Did you end up talking and getting to know each other?
Jen: Yes, we went for a drink afterwards.
Rick: Stop beating around the bush. Was there any chemistry?

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