Catch Word #5 – Make

We made up this episode for you! Make has many different two-word verbs and in this episode we explain some of them. We hope all our listeners can make a difference and make the best of a situation, or at least make do. We hope all these expressions make sense and if not, listen to this episode.


Expressions included in the learning materialsmakeadifference

  • To make vs. to do
  • To make the best of
  • To make a difference
  • To make do (with)
  • To make sense (of)
  • A shoulder to cry on

Sample transcript

Harp: We look closely at only one word. Today’s word is

Robin: It’s “make“. OK. Probably we’re going to have to do a couple of episodes on make. It’s pretty complicated. Harp: Yeah, it’s a big one.

Robin: But I guess we can start off with its original meaning. To make something.

Harp: OK. Yeah, like, I made a cake yesterday.

Robin: I made a cake yesterday. I made a present for Maura for her birthday.

Harp: He didn’t make one for me though.

Robin: Yeah. Alright. OK. So make in that sense is to create.

Harp: To create. Exactly.

Robin: Definitely to create. … (Music)…

Robin: Ah. There goes that sound once again. And so the first one, the first phrase we have is to make the best of. When can we use that?

Harp: I like to think about it when something bad happens, you are trying to make the best of something. So for me, I didn’t get that job, but to make the best of the situation, I learned something.

Robin: OK. Definitely. So you take the situation, and you take the best aspect, the best positive aspects from it. OK. And to move on, to make a difference.

Harp: To make a difference. This is good. I like to volunteer so I think I make a difference in someone’s life when I’m volunteering or doing something like that.

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