Catch Word #6 – Look

You don’t need to look up these definitions in the dictionary. Just listen to this episode where we look at some of the possibilities with the verb look! To look like, look down, look up and look forward to are the expressions that we examine in this episode.


Expressions included in the learning materialslookalike

  • A look
  • Look up
  • Look up to (someone)
  • Look down
  • Look down on (someone)
  • Look like
  • Look forward to (something)

Sample transcript

Maura: So the first one we can talk about is to look up.
Robin: To look up. For example, you tilt your head backwards, point your eyes up and you are looking up.
Maura: Right, you usually look up at something, like the ceiling or into the sky.
Robin: Into the sky. We look into the sky. We look up into the sky.
Maura: Robin’s always looking up into the sky. Daydreaming.
Maura: So we can also look up to a person.
Robin: Definitely! And what does that mean?
Maura: It means to admire and respect someone. Who do you look up to?
Robin: I don’t know, that’s a good question. Who do you look up to? Besides me of course.

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