Catch Word #7 – Clear

Do you know all the meanings of the word clear? Do you understand them clearly? Here we try to make some of the definitions crystal clear for you! We look at things that are clear cut, discuss how to clear the table and clear your throat, and hope to make all these new expressions as clear as a bell.


Expressions included in the learning materialsclear

  • To clear my throat
  • Getting someone’s attention by clearing your throat
  • To clear a table
  • To clear (to pass)
  • To clear with (to get approval)
  • Clear as mud
  • Clear cut/Clear as crystal
  • Clear cutting
  • Clear the air

Sample transcript

Harp: Let me clear my throat. So today’s word is clear.
Robin: So if you didn’t catch that, clear your throat means to remove anything that might be obstructing, or preventing you, from speaking.
Harp: Exactly. If you feel like coughing you would clear your throat before talking.
Robin: Indeed, indeed, and this goes back to our basic meaning of clear.
Harp: Exactly, so clear a table.
Robin: Clear a table.
Harp: To move things that are on the table physically.
Robin: So you want to do your work.
Harp: Exactly, for me I don’t have a desk so I use my kitchen table but if I want to eat I have to clear my table. To pick up the pencils and the paper and I make a big mess.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast