Close Up #5 – Blind Date Part 2

Jen gets mixed up and Rick is a couch potato! Do you already know these funny expressions? After finding out about Jen’s date in part 1 of Catching Up, she asks Rick about his night. Find out what is new with him.


Expressions included in the learning materialsblinddate2

  • Get lucky
  • I suppose
  • To mix up
  • T straighten up
  • Are you into that?
  • I can’t help it
  • To check it out

Sample transcript

Jen: So what about your night?
Rick: Well, I didn’t do anything special. I didn’t get lucky like you did.
Jen: No, no, nothing happened. But really, I thought you were supposed to go out last night.
Rick: No, actually that’s tonight.
Jen: Oh, I guess I got it mixed up.
Rick: Yeah. Last night I just stayed in. I watched some TV and I straightened up my place. I was pretty much a couch potato.
Jen: Hey, did you watch American Idol? I missed it.
Rick: No I didn’t. Are you into that?
Jen: Yeah, I can’t help it. I got into it because of a friend of mine. She told me it was funny, so I checked it out, and now I can’t stop watching.
Rick: Yeah, I try not to tune into those reality shows, they’re quite addictive.
Jen: For sure!

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