Curious Question #7 – In Da House

Robin and Maura are in da house! What does that mean? A real music lover heard this and wrote in to find out what it is all about.


Expressions included in the learning materialsindahouse

  • On the house
  • To house
  • House/Home
  • Da means the.
  • Dat means that.
  • Dis means this.

Sample transcript

Robin: One, two, one, two. Is Harp in da house? Check one, two, one, two, Maura in da house. Is Maura in da house?
Maura: Hey everyone out there, this is Maura and…
Robin: And Robin.
Maura: Yes, we’re here with you with the Curious Questions podcast where we always take one of your questions and answer it for you. The next question is a very specific one. And it must be from a very careful listener, or someone who really loves rap music. Let’s first listen to the question.
Robin: I often hear in da house in rap songs. What does it mean? How do you use it? Can you use it in a daily conversation?

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