Curious Question #9 – Sweet

Sweet! Have you all heard of this new slang term “sweet”? What does it mean? When can you use it? Find out in this podcast.
We will give you a couple examples.


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Sweets
  • A sweet tooth
  • Sweet pea/Sweetheart
  • Short and sweet
  • More “sweet” slang

Sample transcript

Harp: “Sweet” is exactly like “cool.” It’s an adjective.

Maura: “Cool” is the longest running slang term that I know. It has been used for a
long time as meaning something great, interesting, or incredible. “Sweet” is
a lot newer. I can even remember when I started hearing it, and it was only
about five or ten years ago.

Maura: We will give you a couple of examples:

Harp: “Hey, that’s a sweet bike,”

Maura: And “Hey, that’s a cool bike,” mean the same thing.

Harp: “I really like your new coat. It’s sweet.” “Your new haircut is sweet.”

Maura: Of course, there is also the literal, real meaning of “sweet.” Do you know it

Harp: “Sweet” is used to describe the taste of something when a food contains a
lot of sugar, or honey, or maple syrup. Desserts are almost always sweet.
Cakes are sweet. Fruits are sweet. Candy is definitely sweet.

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