Close Up #6 – New Job

Linda has started her new job and meets one of her new colleagues. What can you say when you meet someone new? It is the best time to make a first impression, so let’s listen to what Alice and Linda talk about here.


Expressions included in the learning materialsofficechat

  • Nice to meet you
  • How do you like everything around here?
  • Around here
  • So far
  • There sure is
  • Though
  • A while
  • A monkey could do it
  • All right/alright

Sample transcript

Alice: Hi, I’m Alice. Nice to meet you.
Linda: Nice to meet you too.
Alice: So, how do you like everything around here? Do you like the job so far?
Linda: Yeah, but there sure is a lot to learn.
Alice: Yeah, don’t get discouraged, though. When I first started working here, I found it tough too. It just gets easier, and, after a while, you’d say a monkey could do it.
Linda: That’s good to know. What exactly do you do here?
Alice: I am in charge of accounts receivable. I have been doing it now for a few years. It’s all right.
Linda: So, you like working here?
Alice: Yep, it’s pretty good. Well, I better get back to work now. Talk to you later.
Linda: OK, see you later.

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