I hope you all have been having a great summer. I am loving the summer. In Montreal we have been very lucky to have some great weather, not too hot or muggy (hot and humid). The weekend before last I went to Boston with my boyfriend. One of my friends was driving there and we decided to carpool (share a car) together. Boston is about a 5-hour drive from Montreal.

We started the weekend very early (4:30am!!!) on Friday as we wanted to have as much time as possible in Boston. I had booked a B&B (Bed and Breakfast) through the Internet and when we finally arrived there Craig and I were both very happy. The B&B was in a cute neighbourhood on a street with beautiful brownstone buildings.

Craig and I spent the next 2 days discovering Boston. It is an amazing city! It was easy for us to walk around and see all the beautiful sites. Thankfully Craig is good at reading maps because I think we would have been lost otherwise. The highlights of the trip included the Mapparium (click for more information) and the Boston Public Library. This is by far the most beautiful library I have ever seen in my life. I fell in love with the building. I wanted to spend hours there. I have included some pictures.

We went to some great restaurants and had the famous Boston dish of clam chowder. Every single meal included various types of seafood but the best was when we had lobster at our friend’s house. It was delicious!

I am so happy I had the chance visit this beautiful city and if any of you are planning to visit North America it is definitely a city to see.

Bye everyone,