Catch Word #11 – Watch

In this episode Robin and Maura look at the word watch. Watch can be a verb or a noun and is used in quite a few expressions. First we discuss how watch and look are different. Then we tell you how to watch out!


Expressions included in the learning materialschattwopeople

  • To watch / to look
  • More about “watch”
  • The television is on
  • Watch your lip
  • Watch out / for
  • A watch

Sample transcript

Maura: Watch your lip.
Robin: Hey! That’s a pretty harsh expression!
Maura: So a lip is the part that makes up your mouth, that’s on the outside of your face, I guess. So when I say watch your lip Robin, what am I saying?
Robin: You’re basically telling me to shut up or basically, telling me to be a little bit careful about what I say to you.

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