Chatterbox #1 – On Campus

This is the first of a new Culips podcast. Here we chat! This episode Harp and Maura chat about Living in residence in University. Let us know what you think!

Expressions included in the learning materialscampus1

  • To chat
  • Feels like yesterday
  • Campus
  • Dormitories / Residence
  • Co-ed
  • Freshman 15
  • Frosh Week
  • R.A. – Resident Advisor
  • A get-together
  • Our grammar mistakes

Sample transcript

Harp: We’re going to start off Chatterbox with talking about university. Yeah, it’s going to be maybe a four-part series. We haven’t decided yet but today we’re going to start with discussing living on campus. And Maura is going to be the person telling us about it because she lived it.

Maura: Yes, it wasn’t so long ago that Harp and I were in university.

Harp: Exactly, it just feels like yesterday.

Maura: Feels like yesterday. And I really had a really fun experience.

Harp: So can you describe to me what it means to live in dorms or to live in rez?

Maura: Yeah, so you live usually on campus, so you live at your university in a special building. And there’s a lot of different living situations. You could have your own room, you could share a room with one other person or two people or three people. There’s all different kinds of arrangements. All different kinds of rooms and usually you share a bathroom too.

Harp: Now is this co-ed? Do you share with boys and girls? Or only girls?

Maura: It also depends on the university, depends on the residence. At my university, which was in Guelph, Ontario in Canada, they had a couple residences where it was all male or all female, the whole building. Where I lived, it was co-ed but the floors were divided by sex and so the bathrooms were also divided by sex but it wasn’t locked. Do you know what I mean? So you could find a man in your bathroom and if I wanted to go into a men’s bathroom, I could.

Harp: I can see that leading to a lot of trouble!

Maura: Actually, I see your point but there wasn’t any trouble really. I don’t remember any incidences.

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