Catch Word #14 – Eavesdropping

When you listen to our Culips podcast, are you eavesdropping? No, you aren’t because that would be rude. What is eavesdropping? It is a special kind of listening. In this episode, we explain the word eavesdropping and overhearing. Listen here!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To eavesdrop
  • To eavesdrop on a conversation
  • The metro
  • To overhear
  • A fine line

Sample transcript

Maura: So, where are some places where people usually eavesdrop?
Harp: I would say very public places. So, for example, I take public transportation, I take the metro and I take the bus in Montreal, and I love eavesdropping.
Maura: Here, because of the French, it’s a little like a listening comprehension exercise.
Maura: But, yeah, you can eavesdrop in restaurants or bars—you listen to what other people are talking about—especially if it starts to get interesting, right?
Harp: Exactly, exactly! Sometimes people have arguments or sometimes people are telling secrets that aren’t so secret if you’re listening.
Maura: So, we thought of this word “eavesdropping” because just a few minutes ago the phone rang and it was Harp’s boyfriend.
Harp:Everyone started eavesdropping in the room.
Maura: Well, what really happened is that Harp was talking and the rest of us were quiet.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Joe Howell